What is Blogger Full details Informations

What is Blogger Full details Information 

Hey, guys in this Post we Discuss Googles Free Product Blogger,.
If you are searching for a blogger on the Internet than this Post is Perfect for You.
in this post, I am writing about google free Product Blogger.

On August 23, 1999, Blogger was launched and after it in 2004 Google Purchased it and make its owner Blogging Plateform as the free for the audience.


Blogger is all over to the world so it has a large area and audience after his successful Redesign he launched many features in this Field.

I talk in the available language in Blogger than There are many languages available in the blogger platform.

English, Hindi, French, Arabic, Bangla, Telugu, African, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tahi, Vermi, Indo, Russian, Jerman, Italic, Switch......etc 

Purpose of Blogger

In this Time You are reading this article, this article is written by blogger plate from who is a  free here is You Can write a Blog Post about any Category niches.
If You have knowledge about any Category than you can Search it n google and write the Long keyword easily.

How to start Blogger

Blogger is Just a simple step that you can easily start it now.
Just Go to the Internet and Search Blogger and Just Open it.

After it opens you sign in from Your Gmail Account after the signing you can Create Your Blog and That's All Your Website is created

After Website Created You can buy a Domain or Just go . blogspot domain.
when its all Completed you can write a Post About anything that you know you better.

Final Word-

Blogger is best for Beginner who wants to start his own website, it's totally free and very simple just go and do this.

Blogger is also Provides many Features like Status, Profile, Ads, Widget or many more.