25 Tips for Blogger 2020

hey, I am Vikash and it is my 1st post about Blogging hope you like very well.
Blogging is a Very Good Work who wants to Grow On the internet or Earning from the internet.

Blogging is the best Platform were there  You can Shaw you talent about Knowedagble thing.

2020 is coming I thinking about it so here I come tips for Blogger in 2020, In this Post, I have Some Best Tips for Blogger.

25 Tips for Blogger 2020
  1. Don't go for money go for your passion only
  2. Create a website from Wordpress
  3. Set a Goal that You can Achieve it 
  4. Write an SEO friendly article
  5. Do Keyword Research from Free or Paid Tools
  6. Understand about SEO and Apply on Your Blog
  7. Create Hight Quality Backlink 
  8. A backlink is very Important for Your Blog
  9. always use AMP theme for fast loading
  10. Make Your blog fast 
  11. Don't use Black Hat SEO
  12. Don't Use Nulled Theme Or Plugin
  13. Don't Use Invailed Click from VPN
  14. Always Use Best Hostings
  15. Write a Good Content
  16. The article can be Long
  17. Don't use two sentences when one will do the job.
  18. Don't start writing until you have a main point
  19. An informal style almost always works best.
  20. Community building takes far more time than writing.
  21. Share Your article on all social sites
  22. Use quara for Traffic and Backlink
  23. Be Regularly
  24. Add share Button on your Blog
  25. Don't go for Short cut

Final Word-

Here are 25 Tips for Blogger 2020 I hope this post help to You Rank Your site very fast. If you have any problem related to your site or Blog then You can Concrete with my social Media Platform.