PUBG Mobile Lite Features

PUBG Mobile Lite Features

PUBG mobile lite is a tiny version of the very popular PUBG PC. The developers first developed a mobile version of this game which was PUBG mobile and after many complains and suggestions the developers released a lite version of this game for the low end devises.
This game is designed especially for 1-2 GB RAM phones as the real mobile version didn't work properly in all devices.
In this article I will tell you all the unique features this the game has which will help you to know this game better.

The unique features of this are:

1. Lighter, Smoother and Smaller: The new PUBG Mobile Lite is developed using the Unreal Engine 4 keeping in mind the smoother gameplay on low-end phones with not that great hardware. The complete package of PUBG Mobile Lite is just 500MB and is capable of running on devices with as low as 1GB RAM properly.

Fast Paced Gameplay:
 It is not like the Original PUBG Mobile where 100 players compete in a 30 minutes long match, PUBG Mobile Lite features a map where 60 players compete in a 10-minute match. The last man standing will get the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass: 

We all know the Royale Pass of PUBG Mobile that launches with every new season and brings new and exciting outfits, emotes, skins and other season specific stuff. In PUBG Mobile Lite, instead of the Royale Pass there is the Winner Pass with same features as the classic Royale Pass. Every Winner Pass Rank will unlock something new and exciting.

Better Aiming: 

PUBG Mobile Lite has an enhanced auxiliary aim assist that helps to aim more accurately even at higher pings. Also, there will be “ZERO” Bullet drop that will make the aiming even more simpler and accurate.

What is Recoil: 

If a PUBG Mobile player will ask a PUBG Mobile Lite player about the recoil, this is what the lite player will answer “What’s Recoil”.
 The weapon's recoil has greatly been suppressed in PUBG Mobile Lite which allows players to spray better on their opponents with a greater chances of connecting 90% of the bullets on them.

Heal on the Go: One of the best things I liked in this version of PUBG Mobile Lite is that players are capable of healing even while they are moving irrespective of their speed. You can even heal on any moving vehicle. The only exception is you will not be able to use the medication while in the prone position.

New Map: A completely new map has been designed for this 10 minute limited matches. In order to make the gameplay more challenging and competitive, more number of buildings have been added. That means the building density has been increased along with the loot frequency to sync with the fast paced gameplay.

The RPG: 

If you ever played the PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode then you must be aware about what the RPG is. If not, let me tell you RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) is basically a Rocket Launcher which shoots grenades. What is more exciting is the addition of this deadly weapon on the regular map in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Download PUBG Mobile Lite
If you want to try out the new PUBG Mobile Lite then you can download and play the game on your smartphone using the Google Play Store link provided below.